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Test your creative and analytical skills with teambuilding events that require originality, ingenuity and energy to succeed

Mission sous pression

La simulation Mission sous Pression consiste à mener à bien un projet du début jusqu’à la fin : réaliser un système, devant répondre à des exigences contractuelles.

Flat Out : Formula one

Teams change into Top Gear to design and race full size F1 cars from flat pack kits.

Flat Out : Ben Hur

Participants construct full size cardboard chariots in preparation for a Ben Hur style finale

Flat Out : Afloat

From blueprint to boat, teams work on a cardboard vessel that floats

Flat Out : Pyramids

Working together as one teams build an enormous branded 3 dimensional structure.

Flat Out : Rickshaw Rally

Riotous ‘race off’ with full sized cardboard construction kits

Bridging The Divide

Collaborative construction project with teams working in unison to build an impressive bridge

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"The event was brilliant & very well organised!” Our team highly appreciated it and personally I could not have been more grateful to all who contributed to its success. Thank you again!"

Dade Behring

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