Team Building for Hybrid Teams

There is a new norm to the way we work. Many people can work remotely, at least some of the time. In organisations where remote work is an option, a hybrid team structure develops. A hybrid team is one that has some people working from home and others working from one or more office locations. In large organisations, hybrid teams often consist of employees that go to an office to work, but those organisation's workplaces may be in different cities and often even different countries!

These team building activities accommodate a mixture of hybrid teams. They are designed so that those working in the same physical space have the opportunity to take advantage of all the benefits of interacting face-to-face, whether under physical distancing rules or not. They also are designed specifically to include in the team one or more people who are working from a different location, whether that is from a separate office or home. In some cases, they will have different roles and responsibilities, and sometimes they will be the same as if they were in the same physical space. As a result, they mimic a real hybrid team situation and are a great way to connect, have a laugh and improve hybrid team dynamics.

Hybrid teams vary in flexibility. Some employees have full autonomy to set their own times and where they work. Its still common practise for team members to work similar hours and to be required to work from the office a certain amount of days per week or month.

To be effective, hybrid teams are guided by competent leaders who establish with the team a transparent protocol of engagement and clear guidelines of communication. Shared culture, team dynamics and human qualities like empathy go a long way to creating effective hybrid teams. Regular team meetings over a video conferencing platform and regular communication through a messaging app are important for fostering collaboration and shared creative thinking. Where possible, its also important if teams can get together face-to-face in the same space from time-to-time.

We also have a range of quick Icebreakers and Energisers that you can utilise to keep your hybrid team motivated and engaged. Get in touch we'd be happy to share some ideas with you.

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